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How to Pick a Hair Conditioner for Your Hair Type

Though you might think that taking care of your hair is as simple as "shampooing and conditioning," a quick walk down the haircare aisle at the grocery store will show you just how wrong you are. Shampooing is a harsh process that strips your hair of many natural oils needed to maintain hair health; conditioners boost the moisture after a shampoo, trying to repair the damage and keep your strands intact. There are a wide variety of products out there, each type specializing in a particular hair type. The needs of fine, flat hair and those of natural African American curls are vastly different, as are those of oily and dry hair. To keep your hair as healthy and happy as possible, you need to know what type of conditioner to treat it with.

  • Use volumizing conditioner on fine, flat hair
  • Look for light-weight moisturizing conditioner if you have wavy hair
  • Moisturize thick, curly hair with a deep-hydrating conditioner
  • Protect the intense curl in African American hair with a deep-hydrating conditioner or oil-based products
  • Use color-safe or color-depositing conditioner if you dye your hair
  • Use “damage repair” conditioner if your hair is extremely dry and frizzy
  • Treat dandruff with light, fragrance-free conditioners


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